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Outdoor Food Court

This set is composed of five food shops: a sandwich shop, a fruit stand, an ice cream shop, a pizza shop, and a cafe. The sandwich shop has sandwiches displayed in the front of the shop and inside it. It also has plates for the sandwiches, ingredients on the top shelf, and an oven. The fruit stand has crates of fruit outside and inside, with bananas, carrots, an apple, a pineapple, cherries, and watermelon slices. The ice cream stand has different kinds of ice cream displayed in the front, as well as a dispenser and shelves with ingredients. It also has a small tree in front of the shop. The pizza shop has a pizza oven inside, as well as containers of ingredients and a piece of pizza on a plate on the shelf in front of the shop. It also has a fire hydrant on the pavement in front of the shop. The cafe has multiple types of pastries in the display window, a coffee dispenser and cups, ingredients, an oven, and cabinets, with a potted plant outside of the shop.

This would make a good Lego set because it is detailed and interactive. These small stores would fit easily into any LEGO towns, and would make a good display on their own. Although minifigures are not included in this set, they would fit in easily, with all of the spaces designed to be the correct size to contain them.

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