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Maastricht Mærsk - Triple E, Typ 2 (Maersk Miniature Model)


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Hello friends of the Colorful Stones.
With my new model I am following in the wake of many ships from the Maersk shipping company.

This is the Maastricht Maersk from 2019. She was the last ship of the Triple E class in 2019 and is part of a fleet of 11 Series 2 ships that were built from 2017. It has a greater depth than the first Triple E class.

Why did I build this ship like this?
I wanted to build a really small boat again and also: I'm a big fan of the old Lego elemt boats. I particularly love the two special models from 1974 that were built from the Maersk Promotion Set 1650. I have almost all of the bottom ships of this Lego generation (individual hull elements) and miss them sorely. I have these boats in my old aquarium today. Take a look at my updates.
So that this model makes a decent impression, it carries 344 containers on the deck, which consist of 2 1x2 plates. The deckhouses are each 7 knobs wide. As a little eye-catcher, the ship has some of the colorful Maersk Rainbow containers at the stern.
A small challenge with this model was not the model itself but photos of this model. After uploading to Lego Ideas, the container stickers were no longer sharp enough but pixelated and blurry. But after a few tries with a higher resolution it finally worked. The model itself is quite simple.

Why might Lego build it?
The first official Maersk models appeared in 1974, with the old ship elements, the first set from the Mersk shipping company. It would be nice if there was a connection with the Maastricht Maersk and the same ship elements.

But now some data about this model.

Construction stages: 8
Hull elements: 7
Parts: 1053
Dimensions (LxWxH): 44x12x17 cm
Grams: 678

Will this model set sail?
Check out please my other models.

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