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Men in Black (MIB) Crown Victoria


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The Men in Black is a secret organization that protects the world from alien attacks, they first appeared in a comic book in 1990 and then it was taken to theaters in 1997.

The model i present is based on the tunnel scene that appears in the first movie, it is not minifigure scale (which is why i did not include any) and its because of all the functions that i added.

The main thing of the model is the transformation with the red button, you can see it in the pictures, the front of the car gets a little bit larger and the ligths separate making it look wider, the edges in the front of the first wheels and the doors can separate also, at the trunk of the car is where the canons are hidden, all pieces surrounding them can separate too so that the canons can get out so that it can have a perspective like in the film.


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