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Taylor Swift - Wildest Dreams


Say you remember me… staring at the sunset… Even if it's just... in your wildest dreams...

A depiction of the song & music video of the same name which even though released 7 years. It was reported to still be getting 400,000 plays a day to even about 700,000 plays a day! Just 2 years ago. A timeless classic which I have attempted to re-create here.

The set is at a piece count of 2462 parts. Enough to stand out and make a nice display while staying manageable and distanced from the 3000 limit.

This would be an exemplary LEGO set even when not considering the Taylor Swift theme. A new bi-plane I came up with that has Botswana colors, which I made reference to the filming location of the music video. It would be perfect for plane enthusiasts.

A lion and natural landscape for appreciators of wildlife.

An explorer-type theme with the inclusion of things such as a tent.

Nice display possibilities from every angle. Perfect for any collector!
Even a movie studio room with a matte background, perfect for people who like sets that depict a film in production.

A cinema for all the many people who enjoy LEGO buildings.
The top of the cinema has a moon, perfect for setting the mood. The rays of the sun behind it act as moonlight when flipped.

And boosted to a thousand percent with Taylor Swift on top. All jam-packed into the set! If that's not enough, the music video has a strong feeling of nostalgia from the way it's been put together and the words/visuals. Which is even more potent now some years after its release and a total of 880 million views! just on YouTube and more than 700 million Spotify streams.

Swifties pay a good amount for tickets even at times an average of almost $400 - $700. So how can one pass by a once in a lifetime product that you can keep forever?

Taylor Swift even has her own online store and extremely dedicated and passionate fans. The song that this set is based on is my favorite music video of hers. And I'm sure a tremendous amount of people are equally enthusiastic about it.

All these things accumulate for the necessity and reasoning for why this should become an official LEGO set.

Supporting is free and done in one click! So let's get this idea up!


  • Marjorie Finn (Taylor Swift's character in the music video) & yellow dress attire
  • Robert Kingsley (In music video lore character) & Cinema attire + plane headgear
  • G. Musterhausen (Director minifigure In music video lore character)
  • A actor
  • Robert Kingsley's wife (In music video lore character)

  • The lion that Taylor Swift sings in-front of.
  • A flying bird, like in one brief moment of the video

  • A made-up biplane design different shape and color than the model type used in the video. in blue with a round tube-like front, 1 link between each wing and a double segment in-between the wings.

  • Various movie set equipment
  • A cinema with the movie set seen in the video on the top floor and music video title on back

  • Removable cliff section with waterfall
  • Removable roof Africa landscape section with tent, makeup table and waterfall river

Designed using Bricklink Studio and Mecabricks.

Remember to share the project around anywhere you can. The road to 10k can only be achieved with your support and each one matters and can cascade to the next. Alerting more people of it's existence.

Thank you for watching!

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