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Futuristic Dock


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Futuristic Dock
Hello everybody! I’m glad to introduce you my new project on LEGO Ideas. This is a science fiction project featuring a futuristic dock. It has about 2,000 pieces.
I have spent a lot of enjoyable hours creating this project with Studio, and several more rendering the different views and details. The main features are set forth below.
Main Features
The dock comprises the following areas or facilities: a boat repair workshop, a fish market, two hotel capsules, an air filtering station, a power station, a water pumping station and a communication tower. The dock has a navigable channel to entry into the city.
The set has been designed onto two baseplates (32x32 and 16x32). It further comprises three boats, five minifigures and a rat.
Boat Repair Workshop
The boat repair workshop mainly consists of a metallic structure and a bridge crane. Under the bridge, there is a ramp to get the boats out from the water, assisted by the motorized crane. The working area has four lifts stands where the boats may be easily repaired. A fully equipped compressor helps the workers with the reparation and maintenance tasks.
Fish Market
Next to the boat repair workshop, and just under one of the hotel capsules, there is a fresh fish stand. The nearby waters provide a rich diversity of species. The fishmonger is checking the last catch, a big fish almost as big as the fisherman.
Hotel Capsules
They are one of the cheapest choices to stay on such crowded city. Each M.3 capsule is equipped with a bed, a shower and a cupboard. A water supply pipe and a drainpipe connect with each capsule.
Air Filtering Station
The dock has an air filtering station under one of the hotel capsules. The air is taken from a front grille by two air extractors, conducted, filtered and distributed towards three nozzles to provide clean air to the dock. A biohazard sign warns the people to stay away from the filters.
Power Station
Energy is provided by a power station which is equipped with a power transformer, a distribution tower and a distribution panel. A metallic fence with a door keeps away the people from the installation.
Water Pumping Station
Water is provided by a pumping station located in the front part of the dock. The water is pumped and distributed by means of underground pipes. A manhole cover allows access to the pump and the valves for maintenance tasks.
Communication Tower
The communication tower is provided with different antennas and equipment to transmit and receive signals from everywhere. The tower is also used as a street lamp.   
The model has three boats. Two of them are speedboats of the latest generation, the fastest of the market. The other one is a sophisticated fishing boat.
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I hope you like it. Thanks for your support!

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