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Trash Truck (Netflix)


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Update #1 - 22nd April 2021!

Thanks so much for the incredible support and feedback on the Trash Truck project!

We built it. For real life.

After scouring Bricklink for dark turquoise bricks and raiding the Lego box for odds and ends it all came together. It was supposed to hide in the cupboard until Raffa's fourth birthday, but we opened the pantry at just the wrong moment....

"Is that Lego Trash Truck?'
"Uh, no thats just...uh...chocolate?"
(*Hastily pulling out some chocolate as a diversion, Raffa remained fixated on the pantry door.*)
"It sure is, buddy."
'Thankyou so much wow I love it!"

Raffa has certified this model as awesome. My previous assumption that it would survive a few drives off the kitchen bench, however, quickly came undone. We've made a few changes under the hood, reinforcing the base, wheels and interior.

The new pictures show the actual model, driving around the backyard. He's a bit beefier around the hopper and a lot more sturdy. Definitely whooshable.

There's only a week left to hit the first milestone, and we're so close! Once we hit the 100 mark, I'll have more time to go through and update the instructions to reflect the current build. It also means we can do the Trash Truck Christmas Special in December! Huge love and thanks for your support!




My son Raffa LOVES Trash Truck. This one is for him!

Trash Truck on Netflix tells the story of Hank, an inquisitive kid, and his anthropomorphic best pal Trash Truck! Together with their friends; the ever-sleepy bear Walter, mischievous raccoon Donny and the delightful Aussie mouse Miss Mona, they go on amazing adventures.

Hank and Trash Truck learn friendship, kindness, courage and compassion together. All qualities I wish for Raffa. 

Seeing Raffa's eyes light up when he peered over my shoulder while I was messing around with stud. io, shouting 'DAD IT'S TRASH TRUCK!' was the fuel I needed to see this build through to completion. I've loved LEGO since I was his age, and sharing it with him now is one of the great joys of my life. 

This Trash Truck build tries to be faithful to the show while allowing plenty of scope for play. The 'grabbers' as Raff calls them, are fully articulated, so Trash Truck can pick up all manner of things to put in his hopper. There's a handy spot for Hank at his favourite place on top. The stability is good, and it should survive a few inevitable drives off the kitchen bench. My favourite part of this build is Trash Truck's golden eyebrows, they really bring him to life and give that look of wonder and joy. I feel like this would be a really fun build for fans of the show, and a fun take on the classic garbage truck to add to your LEGO city. 

The next step for me is to try and scrape together as many dark turquoise bricks as I can to build this in real life, so I can get a feeling for how whooshable it is and how it holds up to busy four-year-old hands...

Thanks so much for your support. Truly. This was my first proper build using stud. io and my first time dipping a toe into the amazing community of LEGO IDEAS. Honk-honnnnnnnk!


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