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This model focuses on my favorite city and capital of Wales, Cardiff. 

As with other skylines, Cardiff has many iconic landmarks and buildings, some of which cannot be seen anywhere else. I have decided to pick 6 of the highlights.

If you wish to find out what these buildings look like in real life, you can look for their images on your local search engine.

These are (Left to Right): 

  • The BBC Wales Studio
    • I chose this as Cardiff is the home of BBC Drama, so I thought I'd add it.
  • The Pierhead Building
    • One of Cardiff's most recognizable landmarks, The Pierhead Building was originally the Headquarters of the Bute Dock Company and is currently part of the estate of the National Assembly for Wales and a museum.
  • The Roald Dahl Plass Water Tower
    • This is another recognizable landmark. I chose to include it because it is dedicated to the Welsh/Norwegian author, Roald Dahl.
  • The Millennium Centre 
    • This is a theatre and arts centre opposite the Roald Dahl Plass Water Tower. It was completed in 2004 and, along with the Pierhead Building, is one of Cardiff's notable landmarks.
  • The River Taff
    • This is included as a barrier between Cardiff Bay and Cardiff City Centre, but in real life, it is the river running through the heart of Cardiff.
  • The Millennium Statium
    • This is Cardiff's main sports stadium and a marvel to behold. This was quite a challenge for me to design, as it includes the four supports on the corners, which I overcame with 1x1 round bricks with 1x1 cones on top.
  • Cardiff Castle
    • I have chosen to use the keep as it is the most recognizable part of the complex. It became a small challenge for me designing this; it isn't straight. I wanted to fit it in a 2x2 area, whilst still being recognizable.

This would be an exceptional model, expanding on builds for the United Kingdom and Wales' only official LEGO model based on its capital city.

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