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Backgammon - Board Game


Let´s Play! 

We decided to create a playable Set for real (Adult) LEGO Fans which you can use daily, not only when you are playing LEGO. And what would be better then a board game to spend some time with your Kids ore friends? 

There are already some board games like Chess, so we took Backgammon as template for our project. 
This real sized board game is build in Studs Not OTop technic. That´s why this Set looks so realistic and is playable in a very comfortable way. It includes over 1200 Parts, some of them are very rare. 
It is about 90cm x 30cm x 5cm (LWH), but you can separate it in the middle and store it with two play areas one above the other (fixed on both sides). There are two storage boxes for the included tokens.
We build one prototype which costs us about 400,00 EUR, because of some rare items. In our opinion the price should be about 200,00 EUR if this Set would be published by LEGO.

​We are  puristic LEGO-Creators. That´s why there are no matching dice yet. But we are working on it. hope to be able to bring you an update very soon. 

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