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Apocalyptic Future: Staff of Life


This set is based in an alternate apocalyptic future time line. There two tribes, the Auto Warriors and the Reptilian Titans, who are trying to retrieve the staff of life. The staff will revive the world and control all life.

  The main motorcycle is made mostly of red and black bricks. The motorcycle has lowering door in the back and holds four weapons, an axe, a sword, and two staffs. 

  The smaller red motorcycle holds a hammer on the side and a fire thruster on the back.

  The crocodile has a control pad behind a lever which is attached to a plasma canon.

  The staff of life has a green crystal at the end. The platform is raised with slanted pieces and has a set of stairs attached.

 Contains five figures, one has a mohawk and armor, another has four arms, a blaster, a gun, and a skull helmet. Another figure has silver hair, metal arm, heavy armor, and a double headed sledge hammer. Another figure has golden armor, a gas mask, black hair, and a blaster. The last figure has an air tank, blue helmet, a mashede, and an energy shield.

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