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xx-10 turbolaser

the xx-10 turbolaser was designed by taim and bak
These towers were used to protect surface bases from large aerial assault craft. In such cases the main guns could rotate upwards to achieve a completely vertical firing arc. The weapon was used by both the Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance.

[The Taim & Bak XX-10 turbolaser tower was a planetary surface variant of XX-9 heavy turbolaser designed to be used against land vehicles. It required an enormous amount of power, supplied by the standard base power generators. The turbolaser also had a very slow rate of fire, causing it to become overwhelmed very quickly. Because its firepower was focused mostly on land vehicles, it could be destroyed by squads of infantry. Also, the guns were highly inaccurate against small, quick moving targets that infantry soldiers usually display themselves as. The major down side to having XX-10 turbolaser towers was made example to worlds that were heavily defended from vehicle attacks, only to be assaulted by massive armies of only infantry. ]

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