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The Public Library


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This project is a public library where we see the main building and two small stands, one in the background which is an ice cream stand and one closer to the entrance of our library which is a food stand.

On the second floor we find a small staircase to access the interior and next to it a small place to store the bicycles.
Once inside we find on the right the librarian's station and on the left the arch detector. We also see a water dispenser and a large shelf full of books. Just in front of the stairs to go up to the next floor we find the bathrooms.

On the second floor we find in the center a table for study and three shelves full of books. There is also a door that leads to a small terrace and some stairs that take us to the upper floor.

The third and last floor is more of a rest area. We have a glazed interior part with a machine to make coffees and, opening a door you can access the terrace, where we can find a table and a chair to sit and relax while not drinking coffee or whatever you wanted to serve yourself.

Also on the roof we can see two solar panels that are responsible for collecting the electricity needed to run the library.

Well, this is my construction. I hope you liked it and please don't forget to support my project and share it so that it reaches as many people as possible. Thank you very much for your support!

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