Who framed Roger Rabbit

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    steamroller - first concept


    Here we are with a brand new steamroller !

    Something has changed from the original one and needs some improvements, but this is the first concept. The steering wheels work with simple technic gears.

    Enjoy this fast pictures with an happy mechanic and ghost minifigures for comparison.

    Tell me what do you think about it !



    some update pictures that show how the set can be played.

    200 supporters!!! :)


    I would say thank you to all of you 200+1 supporters !!!

    For celebrate this, i add some new pictures of the Acme's warehouse, with some interior view.  Enjoy!

    Open the wall you can see the interior (with some stuff and a black portable holes on the left)




    Rear view

    The openable roof can easily make access to some interesting things such as the sliding crane



    More pictures are coming, so stay tuned!! :)

    Happy Halloween!


    Happy Halloween from Lego Roger Rabbit !!!

    another picture


    cast - update


    New picture of the entire cast.

    Change Eddie Valiant's hat and add custom torsoHope you like it and feel free to write your idea / opinion!

    Keep this project alive by click on support button please! :)

    all the cast picture


    new picture of characters!

    We need your vote!


    Roger Rabbit project need you vote right now!



    Judge Doom has revealed his new Dip Sprayer Truck!

    Watch out !



    The original truck from the movie