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Lullaby - If this street...


The Roofs Of If This Street Were Mine...

Hello, how are you doing?
And I want to thank the more than 15 suports (in less than a week)
that this my first Lego Idea creation had
here on the site. Thank you very much, really. You guys are awesome.
And today the update of this my Lego Set project is about the roofs
this my construction.
After all, what would our lives be without a roof?
Roofs are very important, and nowadays, with the issue of reuse
and the need for the reuse of natural goods, nothing better than
use roofs to capture rainwater, or use them together with photovoltaic plate support.
Obviously, this Lego creation of mine goes back to more nostalgic and childish times, when the environmental concern was not so striking,
However, sustainability is also in my LEGO model, represented by the issue of green areas, forests, rivers, animals and the balance between nature and the community.
The roofs of this building reflect minimalist yet modern styles,
they are extensive roofs and with varied buildings, with 4 roofs of different styles in this same building (scenario Lego - IF this Street were mine);
and in addition to the game of different color combinations, these screens also test different ceiling shapes and models.
I hope you enjoy this my new update
just as I appreciate the support you have given to this Lego Idea Project.
Thanks also for the comments and likes.
See you. Thankful.






Details: Lullaby - If this street were mine [se esta rua, se esta rua fosse minha...]

Photo 1: The well and the shops. Credits: The author (2019).


Hi there, how are you?
At the first moment, I wish thanks everyone for supporting this Lego Idea. It's only my first Lego Idea, and I'm very happy with this set.
And please check out the brazilian lullaby:


Photo 2: The hidden recond. Credits: The author (2019).

"Se esta rua fosse minha"

- to get more inspirations.
Finally, see the photos (recent added) of this set to see more details of this Lego Idea. One more time, thank you so much.


Photo 3: The roads. Credits: The author (2019).


Photo 4: The cabin. Credits: The author (2019).


Photo 5: If this Street Were Mine (Main Image). Credits: The author (2019).


Photo 6: The artesian well (details). Credits: The author (2019).


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