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Taylor Swift Lover House 🏠

The famous house known by millions of Swifties featured in Taylor Swift's "Lover" music video and her website. The music video shows the house with it's various rooms and colors and also as a snow-globe. I have depicted both forms. Each room represents one of her albums.

The set includes 3 presented figures from the characters in the song: Taylor Swift herself, love interest and their child Angelique.

I think it would make a great set because of the massive fan base, but also due to the fact that this is a comprehensive scene that includes a wide range of themes from Swift's music. And even better is that it's directly base on a presented piece: (the music video) instead of requiring to stack various ideas together that were not presented in the same spot by the artist. Because they were already presented that way in the video with the house that includes a bit of everything that fans can directly relate to with such a set! I have decided to build the set for the same reasoning as well as it being a good challenge to try and get it as accurate as possible and see how the thematically dynamic and colourful rooms would look in their finished state!

The attic with the projection display.
The red dining room with fireplace and a helium party balloon.
The blue room with the dinner table.
Bathroom. With the iconic giant fish bowl scene.
Green Living Room with fireplace.
Play area with board games and vehicle toys.
Place figures & props upside down like the music video!
The corridors and access areas.
The Back of the house with the Christmas living room seen at the end of the music video.
It can swivel open! Revealing the corridor behind the entrance.
The porch with the outside path leading to the door.
The Separated sections.
I have been on Lego Ideas throughout 8 years. I have yet to get a 10k project so I'am determined to continue! So if you enjoy this set please give me a follow to see future updates/future projects.

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I have tried to push the accuracy to detail to this limit in this set, which section do you like the most?

Thank you for checking the project!

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