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Pirate Escape


          This is an island prison with phantom guards. Imprisoned inside it is a pirate who heard there was treasure on the island and came to steal it. This set includes three main models, an island prison surrounded by the rough current of the ocean, a dilapidated escape boat, and a phantom reinforcement speeder. The minifigures include the pirate, two phantom guards, and a phantom warrior. With this set, you can help the pirate escape through the heavily guarded doors, walk down the deck and get onto the boat so that he can push away and escape or look for the treasure. If you don't want the pirate to win, seize him with the guards and take him away in a reinforcement boat. The prison includes sliding doors, a guard office, a staircase and a balcony looking out over the ocean from the prison cell. The set also comes with a shark that has a treasure chest inside it. Avoid the rough current, escape from the shark and flee in the boat! 

Build Info:

  • This project contains 3 models, an island prison, an escape boat, and a phantom speeder
  • There are four minifigures, two phantom guards, a phantom warrior, and a pirate
  • This set has 630 pieces and would require a lot of focus to build. It would be for ages 9-14


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