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Part 2 F R Pickup Fire Truck


Hi, Here is my new idea called Part 2 Forest Ranger Pickup Fire Truck. Here is a description of what comes with my idea. This idea consists of one Forest Ranger in Green pants, fire gear, forest ranger fire helmet, cell phone,  6 Forest Ranger tickets, tar white lined road in front of the Forest Ranger Pickup, a black road with lines in it on the back, a plain black road in back of that, a fire pond behind that with fire hydrant,Forest Ranger Pickup Fire Truck that has a driving wheel, and driving stick inside of the truck, On the outside of the truck you have a strobe light holder with two green flashing warning lights, a red blinking strobe light on the back of the strobe light holder to help hold down the strobe lights, on the back of the Forest Ranger Pickup truck you have a red hose wheel holder, a black hose wheel, Unfournately that is it because i can't find either the string to hook up to the fire hose or the fire hose nozzle in Lego Digital designer other than that everything is on the truck except for those two pieces. I built this idea because lego always are making new fire trucks to add to their fire department sets, the forest Rangers play a bigger part in firefighting, This idea was easy to make and would go for everyone and for all the fire department sets that Lego makes. Feel free to share with family and friends, and thanks. Your builder and Lego Fan Treetop2017!

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