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The Christiansen Family - A Tribute


Many Many years ago, the carpenter Ole Kirk Christiansen sat is his workshop wondering how he would make it through another year. Carpentry business was poor and he had little money to feed his four sons. After many months of deliberation, and thought, he decided to make wooden toys. This was the start of something big. Something very big. LEGO group then went on to produce plastic interlocking bricks, the ones you use today. This Lego Ideas set is to honour the Christiansen Family, mainly the three generations, Ole, Godtfred and Kjeld.

Scene one shows Ole in his workshop constructing something out of wood. There is clips the other side of the window to allow the user to clip fire on, representing the two fires that tore through Ole's workshop. 

Scene two shows Godtfred in the Lego production factory, as he was one of the main people behind the interlocking tube technology seen in Lego bricks today. The scene features a detailed lego machine and conveyor belt. He is seen inspecting Lego bricks before boxing them up.

Scene three shows Kjeld, the current owner, in his house opening up CMF's. Kjeld was around when they were first produced. His set up features a armchair and a cat.

The set has 250 parts, and is slightly reminiscent of sets such as Women of NASA. 
It would be a great, cheaper display piece with plenty of playability. 

Hope you like this project. Remember to support!


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