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Little Falcon Castle


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little falcon castle

A small but strong fortress, a small Falcon Castle, this Falcon Castle was inspired by the Lego castles of the past. It's a simple, but well-characterized castle. It's a nice castle to play with. The castle prides itself on its heavily armed heavy cavalry. Run like shaking the axis and break through the enemy camp. And powerful arrows and spears are backing it up.

The castle consists of a simple structure, a main entrance and an outer wall, and a watchtower. It has basic structures such as a well, a forge, an arsenal, and a warehouse. And there is an important pig cage in the medieval castle. It is a grateful leather that solves the hygiene problem and food problem of the medieval castle. The tower and the stairs leading up to the castle walls were also made with a basic structure. The watchtower was connected from the first floor to the top by a connecting staircase. 

In total, about 1000 blocks were used.
The soldiers consist of 4 horsemen, 4 spearmen, and 7 arrows.

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