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Colourful Skyscraper Skyline


Hello, this is the Colourful Skyscraper Skyline, created entirely by BlueGalaxy47! I created this idea by thinking about how I could add colour to my Lego models, and I thought I would try doing a skyline of colourful skyscrapers. This would make a great Lego set because it looks appealing, has lots of colour, and is a great display model for your desk or Lego layout! 

This is an fantastic colourful model for a Lego collector, so please support to make this colourful skyscraper skyline be a Lego set!

This set features:

.415 pieces.

.A strong base with round tiles on the bottom to help it stay flat and secure on the ground.

.A dark blue tiled outline for the base to add some dark contrast.

.Varying heights for the skyscrapers to make it a more exciting model

.Varying shapes of the skyscrapers to make it a more advanced and diverse model.

.1x2 coloured bricks built up as a skyscrpaer to show colour.

.An array of coloured transparent bricks used to differ the model more.

.Different styles and colours of roof tiles for the roof of the skyscrapers!.

I hope you like my newest Lego Idea!







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