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Cobra Kai Dojo

It is the Cobra Kai Dojo from the show Cobra Kai that started on YouTube but is now on Netflix. I built it because Cobra Kai is a great show  that not only tells the story of the Karate Kid but also the story of Cobra Kai and how it is in the present. I believe it would make a great LEGO set because it would be cool to have it in LEGO form.

The build has these characters:

Johnny Lawrence 
Miguel Diaz
John Kreese
Robby Keene
Daniel LaRusso
Samantha LaRusso

The Dojo has a play feature that pushes out a window to make it seem as if it is being broken. There is Johnny's office and the storage room that is being used to expand the Dojo. There is Johnny's car. There are weapons inside the Dojo that the characters can use. The storage room and the office can be disconnected from the rest of the Dojo to get a better look at it. There are stickers to put in the build so it could look nicer.
So please support this idea and tell your friends so that it may become a real LEGO set. 

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