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Mom and Pop Wheeler


This is my idea for a Lego City kit. Mom and Pop Wheeler. Having fun at the desert sand dunes.

They enjoy bringing all their off road equipment to the sand dunes. It is easily accomplished with their custom 6 x 6 flatbed truck. The features include a working rear lift gate, trailer hitch, custom rear fenders , running boards , and a crew cab. But what Pop is most proud of is his claw retention system. This system will hold either vehicle securilly. The truck can tip on its side and the vehicle being hauled will stay secured , but can easily lift out for playtime.

Pop tows a matching 4 x 4 off road vehicle. It features a rear snap on bicycle carrier with two bicycles and a front snap on tow bar. The tow bar fits both vehicles. He painted eagle eyes on his mirrors for a fierce look. 

Mom will not be left behind, and seldom is with her classic rear engine dune buggy. She has Pop always haul her buggy. It Is too nice to be towed. 

When in the desert, you may see a few cacti and tumble weeds. 

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