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Colt Town Bank

Hello!  You are looking at my first project for my Colt Town or my western world as you may have seen me call it.  I found the inspiration after living out west for many years and loving the western times.  There is not a specific date for this town yet but it is in the 100 years of the 1800's. It is fun going through history and finding a setting for it.  This bank resembles many of the "old" banks that started popping up in the 1800's and had many break ins forming many western novels and movies or TV shows.

This project comes with the following:
- Three minifigures including a cowboy, a banker and commoner.
- 1 horse.
- Safe with loot.
- Cactus and tumble weed as long as other small detail's.

The bank itself has a very complex siding concept, a safe as listed above and more.  I hope you all have enjoyed this first project of Colt Town.  I am going to be posting more projects as I make them.  Please Follow me and I will follow you back!  Support and share!!  Check out my other projects also!  Thank you!

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