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From Futurama - Bender Bending Rodriguez!

Bender Bending Rodríguez, serial number 2716057, manufactured September 4, 2996 by MomCorp in Tijuana, Mexico).

One of the three main character's in Futurama, Matt Groening futuristic follow up to The Simpsons, Bender is best friend to Philip J. Fry and Turanga Leela, and third crewmate on the Planet Express delivery spaceship.

Bender and Fry live in the same building, with Bender owning a closet-sized apartment, that just happens to be equipped with an apartment-sized closet where Fry stays. He has an affinity with turtles, due to their shared inability to roll back on to their feet when they fall on their backs.

A keen cook, obsessed with celebrity chef 'Elzar,' he sadly thinks that humans eat rocks. He's paranoid about magnets, as when they're attached to his head, they cause him to lose his sense of inhibition and make him act like a folk singer.

As clear proof of his best-friend credential, Bender has also stolen Fry's kidney!

I think this build could be close to real-world-scale, so it would make a fantastic display piece. I've also included a couple of different eyes designs to show how his expression can be changed, including his telescopic eye effect.

Finally, I added a micro-scale build of the Planet Express headquarters to sit alongside Bender's shiny... metal... head!

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