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Vampir 100K



Here is a new project of mine that i baptized vampire 100 K

for this i have changed my basilisk in several points to achieve this model.

The front fenders were widened and the rear stretched.

The bumpers were renewed and so were the weels.

Likewise, the car got new headlights, a new hood and a new radiator.

The bonnet can now be opened and you can see an engine inside.

Inside i have chosen a new color for the seats and a new steering wheel installed.

The base with the tour has a special idea but unfortunately i can not show with my LDD Program here.

The base has you can see a transparent floor.

The idea is to insert two lamps in the basewitch,with the battery box an switch,should illuminate the car from below in the dark.

I think it would be a grat effect if in the dark.

For a better view here, i have the roof removed and the bonnet open.


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