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Danger Mouse's Flying Car

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This project is for the Mark III Flying Car with Danger Mouse and Penfold minifigures. Based on the cartoon series (1981-1992) by Cosgrove Hall.

I built this model in 2009 and it has been on public display a few times in the UK. It has also been consistently popular on Flickr.

Please Note: although the figures shown are modified Fabuland figs, I'm not advocating that they have to be - this is not a Fabuland model.


Length (front-back): 18 studs (143mm / 5 5/8")
Width (wingspan): 22 studs (173mm / 6 4/5")
Height (to top of tailfin): 10 studs (74mm / 3 1/16")

"He's the greatest,
He's fantastic,
Wherever there is danger he'll be there!"

How could you not want to own such a cute model?

With the exciting news (Mar. 2013) that Danger Mouse might be returning to our TV screens, it would be super-awesome if this model was available for all the inevitable new (and old) fans of the show.

* 8th Oct 2013: we've reached 200 Supporters -- 2% of the way there. Thanks guys!
* We've reached 100+ Supporters -- over 1% of the way there.

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