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Department Store

The Idea 

I​ thought of this idea because I felt that the minifigures needed more space to live and buy stuff in their city. In this Department Store there is a coffee shop, clothes and even a toy section for the children. I felt the flats above should be not too small or too large so I came up with this. Currently I am not happy with the furnishing in the flats but I am out of bricks so I am looking into using LDD. I also decided that the tram track across the front was nice because it meant there was more to play with than just the store itself.

The Making

In the pictures I used a base plate with a road but having looked at digital designer I realised this is no longer available at the width I had it. Therefore, I have been thinking about making the width of the store bigger and the getting rid it the road. However, the tram is here to stay. It took a long time to build as some of the ways of making things work were quite difficult and I have another project on the go which is going to be a lot better so I am spending more time on that. I did have to make do with the bricks I had so some of it is not quite how I would like it.

Why do I think you should support?

I believe this project would look good in any Lego city as the open back makes it easy to play with but is still looks good from the front. I think there are a lot of good playable features which would make it fun for children to play with. It also does not have to many pieces so the price point, from my view, would not be that high and it would be affordable. 

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