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Mech Defenders


This is a set inspired by several different films, i'm sure you could think of some, and includes 5 individual Mechs/Robot. Each mech has it's own Pilot and docking station.

All 5 Mechs together, their respective docking stations with the minifugers included, comes in at a total of 2412 Bricks.

The 5 Mechs are:

  • Mechaforce Jaeger.
    • 1223 Bricks. 1 pilot. 1 Mechanic. 1 Ground Crew. Pet mascot.
    • The largest of all the Mech Defenders! Meet Tideforce and it's pilot, Ryan Moran.
       Tideforce has enough weapons to make a small country weep, and a big monster, or kaiju even, quake in it's oversized boots! Behind it's re-enforced chest plate, which hinges down, hides 4 large spring missile launchers operated by the grey leavers disguised as exhaust outlets. Each wrist also has it's own spring launcher. The massive docking station is kept running smooth by Stew the mechanic and Claire the ground operator. they are both kept company by Zac the mascot! The docking station has the entrance foyer with sophisticated threat detection systems and is usually Zacs residence. Ryan has a small room where he can sleep and store his gear above this. the 3rd floor is Stews office where he keeps Tideforce running smooth. Then way above the main tower block is the running station where Claire works, ensuring Ryan is up to date with all that's going on and what threats are present.
       The very base has the couplings which attach to Tideforces heels for refuelling and diagnostics.
    • Tideforce is extremely nimble for such a vast machine. With multiple points of articulation and a small amount of waist rotation.
  • Mechaforce Red WarriorOrange Fighter. Night Seeker.
    • These 3 Mechs have 355 Bricks, 359 Bricks and 355 Bricks respectively.
      • Each one has a Female Minifig Pilot and a Ground operator.
    • The Red Warrior is piloted by the fierce Sheelagh, supported in the docking station by John. These two make a hugely successful team and have overcome each and every threat they've faced thus far! This Mech is armed with 2 Spring launchers.
    • The Orange Fighter is piloted by Kirsty, supported by Callum in the docking station (even though he feels he should be the pilot! Kirsty's numerous successful operations show otherwise). This Mech is armed with 4 stud launchers, 2 on each shoulder.
    • Night Seeker. This Mech is piloted by the Resourceful Nats, supported by Craig in the docking station. With Nats strategic mind and Craigs brilliance in the tower, these two are a formidable due to any threat that comes over the horizon. This mech is armed with a spring missile launcher which can fold away behind it's shoulder.
      • Each of these mechs have several points of articulation.
  • Mechaforce Scout.
    • 120 Bricks. 1 Pilot.
    • This is the smallest of the Mech Defenders. Used purely scouting ahead and identifying any potential threats. As such the poor pilot, Deek, has to make do with limited armament (a couple of shoulder mounted turrets). But what this mech lacks in armament, it makes up with sheer speed! A certain Jamaican sprinter has nothing against the spry Scout.

Please support this project, hope you enjoy and thank you for reading all of this!





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