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mTron redux - Orca Scout Base

For those lovers of classic space, here is another creation to bring the classic space into the new generation. This is a simple scout ship that can be created with (or without) a style appropriate base. Even with the base, the set is designed to be affordable and yet give a building and a vehicle.

Given most of the feedback on my previous projects has been negative because of colours, I have provided images this time that reflect the original mTron / blacktron colour schemes. I've maintained the iconic bubble cockpit of the era in this model, the black with white highlights of the colour scheme, and yet I've tried to give it a modern twist.

This scout ship has been inspired by the C&C orcas, the gunships with side mounted turbine engines. I have borrowed from a range of different techniques to create turbines that are scale appropriate to the ship and still have an engine flair as seen in the following image.

I have not included minifigs in these images, but obviously it would be great to have some of the original minifigs from this era of set included in the set if possible. I envisage this being a two minifig set if the base is included in the final set design. Speaking of which...

As you can see, it's a simple base design, built to fit into the design aesthetic of the time without sacrificing the modern demands of value for money. If you have some old mTron base plates this set would work really well with them.

This time I have tried to keep true to the original design aesthetics of the mTron / blacktron sets as possible. That means there has to be some duplication of design in places, but this is still an original design that is meant to remind people of the original sets. If you find you like this set, please vote for it. To date we haven't had a classic space design get over the 10k votes mark and given that this design incorporates a new twist on the old concepts, it would be great to show Lego that classic space still has its fans.

Finally, forgive the backgrounds but given that most of the ship is black I wanted to contrast it against a background which showed off the shape of the ship.

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