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Royal Naboo N-1 Starfighter

Who doesn´t know the Royal Naboo N-1 Starfighter from Star Wars Episode I ? This starfighter definitly is the sleekiest one in the Star Wars Saga and the official models never really got all the curves of this fighter quite right.
With this model I wanted to improve the slenderness and scale of the Naboo N-1. My model features Padmé Amidala and Gregar Typho, both in pilots uniforms. Of course R2-D2 would be in the set too. All the official Lego Naboo N-1 models were from Episode I, but this one would show the arrival on Coruscant, as the figures show.

Built the fighter in LDD now, too. You can see it in the main picture. There are some changes in colours (the silver part is actually silver, you could see it if this was rendered).

Cannons are not just stuck on with stickers like on the official model but are built into the main body on the top and bottom.

These are the figures that would come with the set.
I´ll probably do some more work on the decals in the next few weeks.

...Top- and (below) bottom-view. Here you can see the cannons on the top and the proton-torpedo-cannon on the bottom...

I hope you like the idea and I am always happy about feedback. ; )

I changed the main picture. For tips on photo-editing please comment above. Thank you.

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