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Menswear / Drapery Store

Why should all the Friend's get the shops to look good in ?
This is a 18 stud across by 16 stud deep design with some art deco inspiration.
Almost every town has one of these kind of stores which sell manchester, clothing and travel goods.
Note -The Lowes clothing chain is not at all connected with the Lowes hardware chain the U.S.A.

Close up view of the store front, there are sheet sets on the right and in the counter shirt/tie combo a small counter top stand of men's underware.....simply jocks.

Here we can see boy's pants, those sheet sets again and men's hats on the top shelf.
Note - my new take on a the humble cash register.

Now on this side, cases, men's jackets and can see the jock rack better.
The packets of underwear and sheets plus the jackets have custom stickers as well as the front signs (the open sign is from a Friend's cafe set).

I feel this is an improvement on my last design.

What the set could retail for might be in the range of 50 dollars AU.

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