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Coaxial Rotor Helicopter

Not all LEGO Technic models have to be big. There should also exist small, and medium size, models, that are affordable, and suitable as casual gifts for different occasions. However these models have to be exciting, and appealing, and have some functions.

About the model:

  • This coaxial rotor LEGO Technic helicopter is made from 146 parts.

  • The top rotor and the bottom rotor spin in different directions, and the tail rotor spins as well when you turn the cross axle that sticks out on the left side of the helicopter.

  • The gear ratio causes the main rotors, to spin faster than the cross axle that is used for turning it, and the tail rotor to spins faster than the main rotors. One of the pictures shows how this works.

  • The landing gear can be retracted.

  • The winch works by turning the axle that sticks out on the right side of the helicopter, and it has friction due to a flexible axle connector that touches it. Therefore it holds it´s position.

  • The doors on either side of the helicopter can be opened.

  • There are a few images of the helicopter in different colors, so that it is easier to visualize other alternatives.

  • The background image is a picture of the sky, that I took here in Iceland, and used in one of my other submissions.

Why I think this would make a great LEGO set:

  • It has a lot of realistic functions, even though it is small, and it is easily recognizable.

  • It has great play value, and can be a good fidget toy.

  • I chose to use some existing LEGO parts in uncommon colors. This would make it appealing for LEGO enthusiasts, even though it is so simple to build.

  • The helicopter is small enough to be a casual gift, or a birthday present.

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