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American Football Ball

  • Thanks for taking the time to look at the description of my submission, I've put a lot of time into designing the build to look as close to a real ball as possible, the dimensions being perfect.
  • What is it?
An american football ball on a stand.
  • Why did I build it?
I started building it because I liked the simplicity yet the elegance that the idea inspired into my mind, thinking people would enjoy to display such a build in their homes as much as I would.
  • Why do I believe this would make a great LEGO set?
I think this would make a great lego set because it's something well known by people across the globe, something you know about even if you haven't played a football game before. It's a simple set if judged by its core idea, but it is also a cool one, one which I'd be happy to have.
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  • This is the first set I've ever developed, so if you have any advice for me please share it in the comments.

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