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Polar Expedition


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This set features three main elements to make up for a complete scientific polar convoy. A heavy, strong-looking truck with four caterpillar belts pulls a mobile scientific base as well as container which transports a three-wheeled snowmobile.
When the convoy stops, the base can extend to offer the scientists more working and living space, with an additional room sliding out and back in.Telescopic pillories allow stabilizing the base and prevent the sliders from being stuck under snowdrifts 
The container has a railed ramp to facilitate the parking of the snowmobile. When the convoys stops, the chins can also be stored inside the container.
The vehicles and minifigures come in a bright orange color to stand out in polar landscapes. A number of tools are available for the team to function in these conditions: snowshoes, ski sticks, ice axes, shovels, saws, walky-talkies and even a dart gun to protect the staff from overly-curious polar bears.
Both the truck and the base's roofs can open to easily access the cabin and passenger compartment. The base is furnished with kitchen and scientific equipment.
The truck can host a pilot and a passenger at once with two back-to-back seats surrounded by commands and control interfaces. It has an access from the back to the left side, where a trunk and door are placed.
Ladders allow climbing atop the truck and the base in case repairs are needed or simply to get a better view point over the icy desert. The truck and the snowmobile have blue lights to pierce through the blizzard.
A big antenna allows for communication with the outside world.

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