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Cafe Shop


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Hi this is my new idea called Cafe shop. I got my idea from the old fashion kind of diners that used to be all over the world. It is supposed to be a Coffee shop, but the word coffee shop is too long for me to use on a home made sign. 
On the outside of the Cafe Shop i used one gray floor brick, cement base, 1x12 yellow bricks, 12 clear glass windows, one door frame with clear door, three light blue metal roofs, four white sign holders on top of the blue metal roof, a rectangular white sign with the red letters that says CAFE in yellow clear lights.  Also on the outside i built a mailbox, a old fashion clock, a newspaper stand and a customer with cell phone. 
On the Inside of the cafe shop you have a order counter with counter top, a order sales computer, two Cafe employees, a order number receipt printer that tells the cafe employees how the drinks are supposed to be made, a order computer, a coffee pot machine and carafe, a home made ice coffee shake machine, coffee tables, chairs, drinks on the coffee tables, both kind of drink cups on the order counter, double glass on the right side of the cafe shop. 
I think this would be  a great idea to make into a real product because the company does make diner's but no drink shops and i am trying to change that with this idea of mine. This would be hours of fun for everyone because they get to build their own Cafe Shop, and add it to other diner sets if they have them. Thanks for your vote and have a great day!

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