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The Inn-Tergalactic Space Hotel

When you're in the deepest reaches of space, far away from home, make a reservation at the galaxy's greatest space hotel, the Inn-tergalactic! With four luxurious rooms that fit all kinds of guests, your energy is sure to be replenished.

Once you've made your reservation, parking is a breeze. For small family vessels, the parking garage can carry up to 3 crafts, and those riding in on personal buggies have plenty of spots in the nearby parking lot.

Walking up either of the staircases leads to the hotel's lobby, fit with a reception desk, restroom, and plenty of seating (there's even a decor model of a classic black and white rocket!) You then will receive one of the four room keys, and you're ready to head up to your room.

On the second and third floor are the suites. Room LL2001 is the hotel's one-person suite, room LL2002 and LL3001 house two guests, and room LL3002 is the family room, for a family of up to four. Each room is provided with a bed or two with a lamp, plenty of cabinets for storage, and a computer station. All rooms have a great view of the moon outside!

The very top floor is the Café Cosmic, the hotel's gourmet restaurant that serves guests all day, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Not only is the food cooked from scratch (and will tend to taste better than a quick freeze-dried astronaut meal), the café has the best view of the moon, with a 360 degree dome-like appearance.

Thanks for checking out this build! I originally submitted it to the Classic Space Celebrations contest, and wanted to bring it back as an actual product idea. This will be my first ever product idea, so let's see how far this can get. Much appreciated!

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