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Little Gray Monster

Here I designed a concept show truck. Despite the size, I call him little gray monster. The chassis is unique because it is based on a 6x6 drive. The chassis was designed in such a way that it can easily carry the heavy structure. A huge radiator grille was mounted in front. This makes the track look even more beefy. I like the combination of gray and black. This concept truck is very futuristic. It stands out because of the sloping edges on the driver's cab. The doors can be opened. The cockpit is full of fittings. A huge aircraft engine and three smaller engines were installed on the loading area. They serve as a drive. Due to the large thrust, the truck is ideal as a dragster car. To protect the fenders there were four red lights on each side. Of course there is also a suitable racing pilot. With the truck, children can also play great in the sand. I would be very happy if Lego would support it.

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