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Raising Dion: Issue #109

During a freak meteor shower, innocent Pat Rollins' body became charged up with electricity, turning him into the sinister Crooked Man. Now Dion has to fight his former friend, but he can only do it with the help of his mom, BIONA Labs, and YOU.

This set includes:
-Crooked man buildable figure
-Black BIONA Labs van
-Flick-powered lightning rod cannon.

-Dion (Mind Mover costume)
-Nichole Warren
-Mark Warren (Rain ghost)
-Suzanne Wu
-Pat Rollins (Un-charged form)

Play functions:
-Spring loaded projectile launcher on top of van represents CO2 gas to lower the Crooked Man's energy source.
-Flick missile lightning rod to help direct Dion's power to the Crooked energy core

This set has exactly 262 total parts, and it took me two weeks to design. I hope this gains your support and someday will be found on shelves in LEGO stores around the world. Peace out!

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