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The Red Racing Boat


History of the whole:

I created this boat because I have always been fascinated by racing boats. I also live in a port, which inspired me even more. This idea matured after a boat race that crossed my port. I immediately wanted to build one, but I was missing parts and experiences that I had abandoned.....

It is only recently, after downloading a 3D construction software, that I took over the project. After a few hours of work, I finally succeeded in my project.

Surprised by the result, I thought I could try to make it an official Lego Ideas set. 

The rest of the story is yours now...

Presentation of the whole:
Have you ever wanted to sail the seven seas? All this on a boat that combines all the technological advances of recent years? 

Your dream is therefore possible! 

With this lego ideas racing boat, let yourself travel across the seas and oceans of the world. 
In the colours of the Danish brand, this ship has been carefully designed to combine beauty and speed.

(Be careful this racing boat is totally imaginary, do not try to reproduce it in real life, it could sink: /)

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