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Diorama "The Hobbit": The Throne Under the Mountain

Erebor, the Kingdom under the mountain…
This kingdom was the stronghold of the dwarves of the «Middle Earth».
Its beauty and riches had become legendary.
This sublime city was directed by Thror, whose lineage was assured through his son Thrain, and are grandson Thorain.
But one day Smaug, envious of the gold of the dwarves, seized the mountain, Burning everything in its path.
For this creation, I decided to represent the throne of Erebor and the long platform that leads to it.
I decided to put the floor in gold color to represent the gold clusters found in the rooms of the kingdom.
I also depicted Smaug’s eye when he sleeps under a golden dune. (As you can see in "The Hobbit 2: Smaug’s Desolation")
There are some fun details, such as:
- Smaug sleeping in gold
- A gold cup
- Arkenstone
This set contains:

- 876 pieces
- 3 minifigures
  - Dain II, Iron-Foot
- Thorin II, Oakenshield
- Thranduil, The Elven King

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