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Energy Runners


Hi! I´m back with my new project "Energy Runners".

The planet of Colory it's a very competitive planet, so the people compete everytime to show that they are the best. However, the most famous competitions are the races. One day, another planet challenged Colory to run in the greatest race that ever existed... the Galaxy Energy Race!

In this race, the cars are impulsed by the light of the stars. Each car have "Energy-Container parts" that impulse their Energy Wheels (The only type of wheel tha can run in the space).

Colory has selected the three better drivers from all the planet to represent it in the race.

Will they win? You decide it!

The drivers:

  • Red Driver: Thomas Rojus
  • Blue Driver: Brian Azuri
  • Yellow Driver: Anna Amarit

Each vehicle have transparent bricks (representing the energy-container parts) of the color of the driver. Also they got transparent wheels!

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