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Mother Goose BrickHeadz


Last year a friend came to me and said a LEGO Mother Goose would be a cute model. It was outside of my usual flavor of building but the challenge sounded fun, so I decided the BrickHeadz style would capture her well and created the Mother Goose BrickHeadz! After I built her I was surprised to discover a lot of other people expressing interest in building a Mother Goose LEGO set too.

Mother Goose has been around for centuries. She is the fairytale character who is the author and keeper of the fairytales and nursery rhymes that we know and love today. These stories have taught children how to read and write for hundreds of years. In fact, these fairytales are being brought back into education because it has been found that the tales of Mother Goose are helping children learn reading and writing in a more meaningful way. Through Mother Goose stories and rhymes, they build the ability to dissect language better. Plus it’s fun!

The set includes:

  • Mother Goose BrickHeadz
  • Her friendly goose, Bertrum
  • A decorative book to display them on
  • Contains about 300 pieces

I can see the building instructions looking like a storybook and maybe a few short fairytales written inside. It could also have ideas for mini models of iconic objects from the tales of Mother Goose, like Jack’s candlestick, Rub-a-dub-dub Three Mini Men in a Tub, or the well from Jack and Jill. The display book could also be modified to open up and store the mini models.

I think this is a model that older builders would love to build with younger builders, especially those starting to read Mother Goose. This set brings a special dimension of sharing a story and building together. Not only would they begin to read and imagine their own rhymes, but they would also begin their adventure in expressing that creativity with LEGO.

The tales of Mother Goose were some of my first stories just as LEGO were my first bricks. Mother Goose taught me how to write my ideas and LEGO taught me to build them. This would be a wonderful set to bring those two worlds together.

Thank you for reading!

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