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Didaco’s Magic Oak (Mini-Set Version)

Bizarre and mysterious creatures, adventurous journeys between Aneres and Crinitos, true friendship, brilliant jokes and a hint of melancholy.
Suitable for all ages, “Didaco - The Battle of Zarthos” is the ever most beautiful Italian fairy tale book and its protagonist, Didaco, an ancient symbol of friendship and loyalty, is the most surprising magical character of all time.
I’m the unique author of the tale book named “Didaco - The Battle of Zarthos”.

Marco and his schoolmate Sofia meet a creature with powers of magicians named Didaco, very similar to a gnome, but he's a... gnume!
The magical being, residing in a centuries-old tree in a small park, it will tell and teach incredible things to them and the three will be the protagonists of a thousand extraordinary adventures.
Marco, Sofia and Didaco will have to search for the extra-powerful WAVE-TALE stones and defeat the evil Zarthos to save the earth and other fascinating universes.
Help Didaco turn his fairy tale into… a wonderful mini LEGO set!
The "Didaco’s magic Oak" set includes many of the characteristic objects of the novel, Didaco's love for his house-Oak, his friend Marco, and it’s composed as follows:
A.    A small but verdant enchanted oak, surrounded by flowers
B.    The dwelling-Oak can be opened, as if it were a small and secret casket
C.    The Oak’s roots embrace the surrounding scenery
D.    Rich in details exterior and faithful to the story "Didaco - The Battle of Zarthos"
E.    The set includes 2 minifigures: Didaco (wielding the powerful rhanetta stone) and his friend Marco (with a fast and red bicycle).
F.     Much more.
I hope you enjoy. I had a very nice time making this.
Please, support the Project! 😊

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