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Mangle (Mixels)


After defeating Von Nebula, a rocket opened and Mangle went inside it only to land in planet Mixel and found a Cubit and mixed with Snax and defeated four Nixels. Suprised with the new powers of mixing, Mangle will always be ready to defeat the evil King Nixel. Ithink this will make a great set because FNAF fans and Mixels fans would want Mangle to keep on mixing.


Mangle and the Case of Permeant Murps

in Nixel Land, King Nixel was angry at Major Nixel for failing to destroy the Mixels.

King Nixel: MAJOR!

Major Nixel: yes sir.

King Nixel: you have failed to destroy the MIXELS!

Major Nixel: but sir, we are getting really close.

King Nixel : SILENCE!!!!!!!!!!! I'm not going with one of your darkest plans Major, this time we'll use my evil plan. You see Major the Cubits are the ultimate power that grants Mixels to Mix but if they get the wrong colors, heheheheheheheheheheheheh. A plan is in motion to destroy all of the Cubits and the Mixels, we will place fake Cubits all over the land to make the Mixels think that they will MIX but instead they will be Murped permentaly.

King Nixel's plan worked but Mangle and Snax found out that King Nixel place fake cubits everywhere and undone all of the Murps and Mangle used his rainbow cubit with all of the Mixels to form the Ultra Mixium Max and defeated the evil King Nixel and peace was restroed to Mixel Land



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