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The Roman

The Roman
Our second Lego Ideas project is ready! After evenings of building and rebuilding it, he is finally done! We did a little color correction in photoshop because some bricks had not the right color.
What would look beautiful next to the Lego colosseum?
A statue of a true hero from Rome's imperial past.
Let’s honor the heroes of the colosseum. They were adored by the masses as heroes, like we do today with our top athletes.
I wanted to make a statue of a head, one that you want to put in the living room. It didn't matter to me during the design process in what sort of theme it was.
But then I thought of the big Lego colosseum, what would be nice with that. just a statue of a roman. the roman, was it a human or was it a robot? Because they did things that we will never do now. That's why I made the gears in the head.
Copper imitation or not?
I made a quick concept photo in photoshop, attached. To get a more realistic statue. I can partly build up the design with dark gray bricks. the copper oxidation can be made with printed stickers. Leave a comment if you think that copper imitation should be worked out. thanks!!

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