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Skip Stewart's P2 Prometheus


Origanally starting life as a Pitts S-2S Special, William Lewis "Skip" Stewart bought this plane and put it through intense modification. Since then, it has evolved into the P2 Prometheus. "Prometheus" is a Titan that stole fire from Olympus and gave it to mankind. Skip Stewart performs with many different areobatic pilots, and was awarded the 2013 Bill Barber Award for Showmanship, wich is only gi\iven to one pilot per year.

P2 Prometheus Specifications:

Climb Rate: 4000 feet per minute

Max Speed: 300mph

Stall Speed: 58mph

Empty Weight: 1146 lbs

Range: 405m

I decided to try a new and interesting technic with this plane. I had never built a biplane before, and I was running out of hinge pieces, wich I generally use for aircraft. So I used a technic I had seen many other LEGO builders use. I used pieces with studs on the side to hold up the sides of the aircraft. I found the landing gear particularily hard and tedious, but I finally settled on a style I like. The top wing also proved to be difficult to connect, and took many attemps before I found a working method. I am really happy about the fuselage and the interior. they turned out pretty good.

I think this would make a cool LEGO project because I have always wanted a LEGO plane based on a real plane, and having a stunt plane takes it one step further. I'm sure many other people think along the lines that I do. LEGO sells cars based on the real thing, and I, and many others, think planes would be a nice touch.

Model Specifications:

Pieces: 150-200

Length: 30 studs

Wingspan: 30 studs

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