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Dungeon Chess


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Dungeon/Underground Chess

History of the project

I love board games like chess and draughts. This is something like that. This project is home made, so i decided to post this on lego ideas site. This project was created after 5 different lego prototypes. It was reconstructed 2 times after it became perfect. There will always be 2 blocks that don't fit into the storage, so be careful with them.

Why I build this 

I build this because i like board games. This project is already the 2nd perfect board game made by me.

329 parts

Game Rules 

Game time: 15m 

Game for 1-4 people

Object of the game 

Good: to eat all of the meals and exit by the door. Bad: to beat the trolls.


1 Board 

2 Troll profiles 

8 Enemy figures

2 Troll figures 

1 Sliding storage (for blocks)

9 Meals 

1 Turn counter

2 Dice

54 Wall blocks

12 Blocks.

How to setup

Take 12 blocks and choose 3 or 4 of them. Place them anywhere on the board except the light red/cyan tiles. Now, choose 3 enemy figures and place them anywhere you want except the light red/cyan tiles. Make sure they're placed right: there should be at least 4 tiles deep between each of the figure. Now, Choose 3 meals and place them anywhere you want except the light red/cyan tiles. They also have to be 4 tiles deep between each of the meal. Then, you have to choose max 10 wall blocks and place them anywhere you want except the light red/cyan tiles. Finally, choose a troll (Green, Yellow) place him in the one of the 4 centre tiles.

How to play 


the troll starts the game. Before  you start playing you have to make a enemy turn system so choose who will go 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. 


The good (Trolls) player rolls the both dice and watch the result: if you get blue, you get 1 action, if you get red, you get 2 actions, if you get cyan, you get 3 actions, and if you get grey, you get 4 actions, and combine the both dice. The evil player (Enemies) rolls just 1 dice.


When a good player rolled the dice, he can: Move, eat, throw. When a evil player rolls a dice, he can: move or damage. For a good player: move for 1 tile costs 1 action, for eating a block or a meal, it costs 1 action, for throwing a block, it costs 1 action. When you shoot a block, there are 5 kinds of blocks: Stone (x3) can slide until he meets a fence. Wood (x3) block does the same, but when he meets a fence, he explodes (when he meets an enemy he also explodes). Grass (x3) block does the same as the stone, but he doesn't damage enemies. Ice (x2) block moves only 3 tiles deep, if an Ice block would get into a lava tile, he becomes an obsidian and you can walk here with taking no damage. Lava (x1) block is the same as ice block, but upside down, so if an lava block would go into an ice tile, he becomes an obsidian and you can walk with no sliding ( if you go on an ice tile, you slide 2 tiles deep from direction you used to go). For a bad player: move for 1 tile costs 1 action, damaging (only when you are on the nearby tile) 1 action. You cant damage twice in one turn.

Special tiles

Lava tile: only a skeleton, "lavarith", eye trap and ghost can be on this tile. Other enemies or players take damage form walking on it. Ice tile: when an enemy or a player go on the ice tile, they slide 2 tiles deep the direction they used to go before.

Special enemy abilities

Grass Flower: Can go on grass wall blocks or normal blocks. Eye trap: moves everywhere he wants, even on lava and ice tiles. Skeleton: can be on a lava tile (only once). "Lavarith": starts only on lava tiles. Can't go on ice tiles. Ghost: starts only on white tiles. Can walk through walls, can be on lava and ice tiles.

End of the game

The game end only if: The enemies killed the trolls, or the trolls ate all of the meals and successfully escaped through the door.

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