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The Lego Magic Set

Ever since the first time I played with LEGO in my younger years it felt like magic. To be able take a pile of random bricks, shapes and colors, and create something amazing. The magical feeling is not lost after all the years but now it is time to take it to the next level, let me introduce:


This set contains all the bricks and pieces needed to assemble your very own LEGO magic show. There are seven tricks included with a wide variety of complexity. You will for example cut a brick in pieces, make lego coins disappear, change colors of LEGO balls and make LEGO appear out of thin air. Most importantly you will build your very own magic wand to be able to wave it around and add the little extra touch of magic needed to fascinate your audience.

Have a look at the video below to get a real feeling of magic when it is performed using this set.
The set is build with bright colors and will look great from all angles. The build quality is robust to allow for an awesome playtime. This is a set meant to be played with. It works great as a show piece in your shelf but even better as a magic act to perform over and over again to amaze friends and family.

This is also a great way for kids and adult to learn about techniques and methods used to perform magic. This is an invitation into the world of magic and maybe an inspiration to build your own versions of the tricks and create new ones.

There are 1396 LEGO pieces using commonly available colors and no stickers or print. I have build a real version of it and both me and my son has performed several magic shows using it. We have received many fun comments and reactions for example "How did you do that?" and "How is that possible?". The best reaction is always "Tell me how you did it!" and since it is made out of LEGO, "Tell me how to build it".

Now I want to share this LEGO set and the ability to perform magic to the rest of the world to enjoy.

Do you believe in magic?

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