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Digital Photo Camera With Changeble Objective Lens

This build shows a digital photo camera with the option to change the objective lense into another lense. It also allows you to open the display on the backside to have a look on your photos. If you remove the bar on the side of the camera, you are able to unlock the objective lense and change it. Or you can have a look at the reflex and relay mirror, which reflects the light to the viewfinder on the back. A flashlight is placed on top and on the grip, you can see the mode dials and other buttons to navigate through your photos on the display or change modi.
If everything is finally set, you can hit the shutter button and take some nice pictures of your favourite LEGO sets!

I like to take photos myself and own a quite similar camera. So the other day, while taking pictures, I thought: Let's make this a LEGO set in nearly real life scale!

I think that it would be a great piece for display and show your passion to friends and family - and a even better gift for passionate photographers and LEGO fans. I used many different building techniques: Some parts are built sideways, I also used LEGO Technic bricks or bars at some points. The camera is build out of nearly 600 bricks and mostly tiles and slopes are used to create the unique transitions from square into round pieces - it will be interesting to watch the build unfold as you are moving on to the next building step!

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