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Hovercraft Racers


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Hovercraft racers starter set.

This playset includes three hovercraft and thier drivers, a starter, lights and course markers. Mark out a course and you are ready to race. As they float on a cushion of air they can race over land or water. Drift around corners, spin out or flip. Make up your own rules and most of all have fun.

Each of the hovercraft share a common chassis which provides a solid top deck which you can customise if you want to personalise your racers. At 8x16 studs they are a good play size and each model has between 70 to 80 parts

For product development Individual models could also be created to boost the original set.

As these are racers they should really be numbered and a sticker set would enhance the models.

I hope you like these racers and if you have  a moment please check out my other projects.

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