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Jurassic Park - Dennis and the Dilophosaurus


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" wonder you're extinct!"

Based on the scene "Nice dinosaur". After stealing dinosaur embryos from the laboratory, Dennis try to go to East dock, but his jeep got stuck in the half of the way, with that, he founds a Dilophosaurus, that gives him a bit of touble xD. Basecly this interesting and cool scene is here, recreated with LEGO by me!

The main reason for doing this set is how good the scene in the movie was, the only moment where we saw the dilophosaurus in the movie, the Jeep Wrangler 12, and Nedry itself is a good addition to your minifigure collection.And not only that, when 2015 Jurassic World line launched only one thing came in my mind, if we got a game with the other movies, why not sets based on the other movies? Welp, with all the scenes from the first movie i liked to do this one first! The set includes 1 minifig, 1 dinosaur, 1 vehicle and 2 jungle plants/trees and 1 scenery decoration They are specifically:

-Dennis Nedry minifig w/accessory Barbasol can and a double faced head (Normal face w/glasses || Scared face without glasses)

-Dilophosaurus dinosaur repainted to look more Movie accurate.

-Vehicle JP12 Jeep Wrangler w/removable ceiling.

-2 Enviroment decorations: 1 jungle fern, 1 jungle tree.

-East Dock sign

The Set has a total of 264 pieces.

If you're a real fan of Jurassic Park i'm pretty sure you will love to check out this set in stores!


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